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Welcome to 5th Grade!
Do you want to know a little about me?  Did you know I've been teaching 5th grade at the Manchester School since 2001?  I've been fortunate enough to work in this amazing building where the students and staff are like family.  I teach all subjects; but in case you are wondering what is my favorite, I can't answer that.  I love rich discussions over themes of books, reading personal narratives that express deep feelings around experiences, finding and sharing new ways to solve mathematical problems, researching answers to questions about the different spheres of the world we live in, and making connections to our past in ways that can inspire our future.  I love learning! Do you? 
On a personal level, I have many interests...many of which are connected to teaching.  I love reading!  Doing science experiments with my son are also a favorite.  We like to explore the outdoors quite frequently with hiking, biking, swimming, and traveling.  Here are more of my favorites:  lobster, pizza, ice-cream, flowers, poetry, HGTV, the woods, the ocean, Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, basketball, tennis, music of many genres, movies, Dunkin Donuts, board games and Flatbreads...and, of course, spa days
My son wishes that video games were also a favorite, but unfortunately for him, they are not. We try hard to live a healthy life-style. In fact, I like to have many conversations around healthy choices in the classroom.  Did you bring a healthy snack?  Did you get enough sleep?  How many minutes did you play outside last night?  Do you have your water bottle? Let's take a couple of minutes to breathe and relax before we take this assessment.  
I am looking forward to getting to know your favorites and encouraging one another to make healthy choices during this school year.  This includes making healthy and positive relationships with one another with kindness, teamwork, and respect.