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Maine School Counselors Association announces Manchester School's Jess Weatherbee has been named Maine's 2024 School Counselor of the Year.

Last week, during National School Counseling Week, the Maine School Counselors Association announced that Ms. Weatherbee has been named Maine's 2024 School Counselor of the Year. Ms. Weatherbee had the opportunity to speak and be officially recognized at the State House last week. Congratulations Ms. Weatherbee! Click headline to view official press release.
Jess Weatherbee

Manchester Mission and Vision

The mission of the Windham Raymond School District is to ensure success for all learners.
Every student in our Windham Raymond schools is actively engaged in authentic, individualized, and personally relevant learning, designed and supported by highly effective, qualified, and passionate staff, in a safe learning environment. Students explain why their learning is important, and they are competent in articulating their own progress as they reach ambitious individual goals. Students learn in technology-rich environments, no longer defined by traditional boundaries, engaging with the local and global communities. They are effective stewards of natural and human resources. Every student leaves our schools as a responsible and involved citizen; a collaborative and quality worker; a clear and effective communicator; a creative and practical problem solver; an integrative and informed thinker; and a self-directed and lifelong learner.
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