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Welcome to Mrs. Sparrow's Teacher Page


September 30, 2018



Dear Parents and Families,


We made it through the month of September.  We’ve built an amazing community in our class full or responsible enthusiast learners.  I love this group! 


Sorry, this is a little late! The power went out and I wasn’t able to send it out.  The students did great --even in the dark.  I read 2 ghost stories, which the class really enjoyed!


Students worked very hard on the NWEA Math and Reading tests.  I am impressed.  Our regular school work took a back seat while we were testing and we didn’t accomplish as much as we usually do.


            We continue to work on Place Value.  We’re multiplying and dividing decimals.  We started multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100, and 1000.  When multiplying, numbers get BIGGER and the decimal moves to the RIGHT.  When dividing, numbers get smaller and the decimal moves to the LEFT.  Some students practiced on the IXL computer program while others got some more small group instruction.


                 Please continue to practice multiplication facts at home. Strong knowledge of multiplication facts will help your child be successful in 5th grade math.


            There will be 3 nights of math homework this week.





             Reading: We focused on Comparing and contrasting and also theme- the story was the Chi’lin Purse. Ask your children about it and the big message.


            Writing: Students are working in small groups.  They are gathering information from articles I provided about bottled water. Next week, they will create a small group essay with a thesis and evidence to support the thesis.



             We completed a Mystery Science Activity on what plants eat and the food chain.  Ask your child what most people think plants eat and what they actually eat. Also, we did an experiment with balloons to test to see if air weighs anything.  









We continue to read Wonder for our read a loud and have some great class discussions.




Student Parent Goal Setting Conferences will be held Oct. 9-11. Please sign up if you’d like to help your child set a goal and see some of their work.


Friday, October 5: No School

Monday: October 8: No School 

Happy Fall,

Mrs. Sparrow










Parent / Teacher Goal Setting Conferences.

Tuesday, October 9th

3:15-5:30 pm

Wednesday, October 10th

1:30-6:30 pm

Thursday, October 11th

3:15-5:30 pm





Math Homework: 
Oct. 1:
Oct. 2:
Oct. 3: