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Beginning Band Information

5th Grade Beginning Band

Beginning band is the first instrumental music class that is offered to students at Manchester Elementary School. It is open to all 5th grade students who are interested in participating in concert band.

During this year we learn the foundational skills of our instruments, the focus is on developing strong fundamental skills that will lead to success as we continue through our program.

 Students work from the method book Tradition of Excellence by Ryan Nowlin and Bruce Pearson as well as from scale sheets and resources provided by the director. Students are graded both on their completion of practice journals and their successful performances from these materials and from the book.

 Instruments offered in 5th grade are Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, and Percussion (students learn to play and are graded on all the following instruments: Xylophone, Bells, Djembe, Clave, Cowbell, Triangle, tambourine, Bass Drum, Snare Drum).

Directors Note:

Percussion is the most demanding section of the band, students learn the widest variety of instruments, most often play their parts as soloists, and are the driving force in the music we play.  Students who are most successful in percussion tend to be naturally motivated, focused, hard workers with a good sense of rhythm. 

Drum set/Guitar/Keyboard are not offered as concert band instruments:  Drum set players and Keyboardists are welcome to choose an alternate instrument or join our percussion section. I can also offer recommendations for private lessons.  Guitarists, drummers and keyboardists may choose an alternate instrument and join one of our other instrumental sections. 

Beginning Band- Materials List
Tradition of excellence – Book 1 By Ryan Nowlin and Bruce Pearson For their instrument
Folding wire music stand (at home use)
Approved Instrument and Accessories
Access to a metronome and Tuner.
Students will be given a Take-Home Folder for Music and exercises and be expected to keep an in-class binder that has the same information.

Starter Percussion Mallet and Stick Kit:  The starter stick kit ensures your child has the sticks and materials they need to use the school instruments as well as practice at home. There are school owned sticks for students who cannot provide their own due to financial need. If you need school sticks please contact Mr. Adams as soon as possible.

Vic Firth Intermediate Kit

 This is the recommended mallet and stick set. It contains Snare sticks, Hard mallets, Yarn Mallets and Timpani Mallets as well as a stick bag for easy carrying  the sticks mallets are good enough to last for middle school if well taken care of and the case is good quality to protect the sticks and mallets. Cost is about $65-70